We’re Hiring! Come See What We Offer

We’re Hiring! Come See What We Offer

What can we say? Business has been growing steadily, which means we’re ready to add to Team COR Management. We want to hear from driven individuals who dream of launching a successful career in a thriving industry. Does that sound like you?

There are many qualities we seek in the ideal candidates. Positivity, collaboration, and a strong work ethic are all important traits. But one mind-set clearly stands out during a COR Management interview – we seek people who are always poised to learn something new. In fact, this is more important than any skills someone might bring. Here’s why we think attitude trumps experience:

• Fresh Perspective: Someone who hasn’t worked in the industry before comes to us with an outsider’s view. This adds a level of diversity which keeps our campaign creations innovative. We pride ourselves on embracing originality, a by-product of a team with different backgrounds and expertise.

• Agility: New team members tend to more quickly adapt to our processes and culture when they don’t have something to which they can compare it.

• Blank Slate: We have a terrific and unique business model we employ. Someone with little experience in this field will absorb knowledge swiftly as well and make it their own.

We fully expect to see our team continue to grow in the future. Be sure to follow COR Management on Instagram for more announcements.