Strategies That Put Our Goals Within Reach

Strategies That Put Our Goals Within Reach

Setting high benchmarks is a major part of COR Management life. We know we need to keep aiming higher if we want to stay ahead in our competitive industry. Around our office, we apply a few simple strategies that help us focus our efforts and achieve winning results. Here are the strategies you’ll find us using day in and day out:

• Sticking to Deadlines: We’ve found that nothing gets us focused and productive quite like firm deadlines. These don’t have to apply only to final outcomes; we use incremental deadlines to ensure that we make steady progress. It’s always inspiring to cross off another key date in the goal-achieving process.

• Rewarding Progress: As we hit intermediate targets, we take time out to celebrate how far we’ve come. This is a simple and fun way to build momentum. It also lets us develop stronger morale throughout the COR Management office.

• Getting Specific: Before we do anything else, we make sure our objectives are as clear and quantifiable as possible. Just knowing what success will look like makes a huge difference in how focused we are and how quickly we can put the right action steps in place.

We plan to keep using these practices as we reach new heights for the brands we represent. Follow COR Management on Instagram to keep up with our ongoing growth.