Questions That Will Help You Shine When You Interview

Even if you prepare for a job interview and answer every question impeccably during the meeting itself, there’s still more you can do. It’s essential that you ask some strategic questions of your own. COR Management hiring managers are most impressed when they hear the following inquiries from candidates:

– On Success: It’s a good sign when someone asks what success looks like for our firm as well as the position for which he or she is applying. It means the individual wants to know whether the opportunities available align with his or her career goals, and that measurement of progress is a priority.

– On Challenge: Interviewees should also ask about the purpose behind the roles in question. Doing so indicates a solution-oriented mind-set and a willingness to take on big challenges. Making this inquiry also shows that people want to know how the positions may evolve throughout the future of COR Management.

– On Impact: We appreciate when applicants want to share their ideas regarding the ways they’d like to impact our firm. Such initiative and big-picture thinking are always welcome in our workplace. They are the qualities that have allowed us to come so far, and which help us continue to exceed expectations.

Posing these questions will help you determine whether the role and the company are suitable for you.