Oh the Places You’ll Go With Us

Oh the Places You’ll Go With Us

Out of the many perks we enjoy while working for COR Management, our travel opportunities are among our favorite. Our team has traveled throughout the country and even to foreign locales to learn, grow, and relax. Many of these trips are once-in-a-lifetime experiences from which we broaden our horizons. This year alone, we’re making plans to visit Seattle, Cincinnati, and Arizona, in addition to the Dallas conferences and the annual R&R retreat. We’re excited to say the least.

So what makes our travel program so enticing? Nathan, COR Management’s Director of Operations, explained that there are benefits that come from business trips that can’t be quantified, yet pay dividends. Among them are:

• New Scenery, Renewed Imagination: When we break from our ordinary routines and visit someplace different, our minds expand. We are exposed to new perspectives and ways of doing things that we might not have considered staying put. This ignites our innovative spirits.

• Rejuvenate: While business travel is purposeful, there are moments we can seize to relax and unwind a bit that might not happen at home. We literally get to put some distance between us and our daily responsibilities. Flying or taking a train means a chance to unplug. Staying in a hotel means not coming home to chores. It’s a mental break, as there are no reminders of things we have to do, which refreshes our outlook and can even lead to breakthrough ideas.

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