Join Us in Simplifying Our Lives in August

Join Us in Simplifying Our Lives in August

This August, Team COR Management will join thousands of other professionals in celebration of National Simplify Your Life Week. We are spending the whole month focusing on useful tips that will help us get back to basics in both our personal lives and our careers.

These are some of the COR Management strategies we’ll be implementing to make our lives simpler:

• Make To-Do Lists: A quick internet search will reveal many different techniques and strategies for this essential habit. Our recommendation? Find something that works for you, and work with it.

• Set Monthly Goals: When we combine our daily tasks with our monthly goals, we increase our effectiveness exponentially. Rather than work toward whatever seems important to us that day, we create to-do lists that move us closer to bigger objectives.

• Establish a Morning Routine: We like to invest our energy into our goals and projects – not thinking about how to get ready for work every day. Having a routine lets us cruise through our mornings and save our precious willpower for important decisions.

• Have a System for Emails: Emails can be time vampires if they’re not managed. One of the best tips we have to share on this is to only check emails at certain times of the day, to minimize distractions.

Just following these few tips is sure to have a positive impact on your life. Like COR Management on Facebook for even more suggestions.