Inviting Interns and New Grads for a Rewarding Career

Inviting Interns and New Grads for a Rewarding Career

When we were in college, we remember that many of our goals were established for us. Classes lasted a specific length of time, coursework needed to be completed at established intervals, and tests needed to be taken along the way. Career goals aren’t always as clear cut though, since success as a professional is more subjective than being a good student. This is why we make goal-setting strategies such an important part of the COR Management experience.

We teach techniques like how to use the SMART system, and the importance of writing goals down. We also suggest certain milestones that we know will move a person’s career forward. Here are some COR Management career bucket-list goals:

• Work for Yourself: We have tremendous respect for business owners and the level of responsibility they take for their own ventures. We teach our people to adopt an entrepreneur mentality when it comes to their careers, driving their own development and owning their own success.

• Achieve Expert Status: Being recognized by one’s peers as an expert in your field is a fulfilling and validating experience. One way we provide this opportunity is to give our team members chances to share their knowledge with peers during training sessions. We’ve even had colleagues who were invited to be keynote speakers at national conferences.

These and other satisfying career experiences are just an example of what we have to offer new grads and interns that join our team. Like COR Management on Facebook to learn more about the openings at our firm.