How a Person With a Competitive Mind-Set Thinks

How a Person With a Competitive Mind-Set Thinks

What does it mean to have a competitive mind-set? It’s an important question, and one that many people think they know the answer to. Team COR Management has identified three main ways of thinking about competition that define what it means to be driven in a healthy, positive way.

First, we’ve learned to be grateful for those we compete against. They push us to try harder, think clearer, and get creative in order to come out ahead. This doesn’t mean we’re always friends with those who we strive against — though that is the case with our friendly rivalries in the COR Management office, but at least on some level we’ve learned to appreciate them.

Second, we believe that the only way to lose is to quit. As long as our heads are always in the game, as long as we’re learning and growing and becoming better people and professionals, we’re on the path to success. When we give all we can to every single day, we’re sure to see results we’re proud of.

Third, we expect the unexpected. Business is a lot like life, in that the only constant is change. We don’t just accept this: we embrace it. Variety is the spice of life!

Bringing a competitive mind-set to work with us every day keeps us moving steadily toward our most ambitious goals. See what we’ve accomplished already this year by following COR Management on Instagram.