Celebrating Small Business Month

Celebrating Small Business Month

Ever look at a global giant and wonder how they emerged as the leader they are today? Think about how McDonald’s started off as one drive-in restaurant or how Virgin Galactic’s beginnings were a mail-order record business. Small businesses are where big ideas take root, like here at COR Management. During May, we salute these ventures and why they’re great career landing destinations.

COR Management might be small in size, but our powerhouse team is why brands of all sizes come to us to raise their products’ visibility in a crowded market. We’re more than just a place to work, though. In fact, we think of everyone on our team as entrepreneurs who envision greater success.

If you’ve never factored in working for a smaller firm like COR Management as part of your career strategy, here are some reasons to take another look:

• Room to Grow: With an emerging firm, even an entry-level position can rapidly escalate to a leadership role. We take pride in training our people on our methods and guiding them to be their best professionally and personally. It’s no wonder we find the best talent to advance right in our firm.

• Flexibility: As a company starts up, it’s easier to wear many different hats and get a feel for where you fit in best.

• Workplace Culture: There’s a natural energy within start-ups that’s hard to replicate. It comes with lots of fresh ideas and collaboration. Everyone’s input is valued around here, which is why we harness our talent to yield innovative campaigns.

• Work Closely With Managers and Colleagues: There’s no complex structure here at COR Management. Our leaders are vested in each team member’s professional growth. We’re a tight-knit group thanks to the many team nights and travel adventures we share together.

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