Big Ideas From the Lone Star State

Big Ideas From the Lone Star State

Team COR Management is going full throttle into 2019. We kicked off our new year in January by attending the Dallas conference, where we had an amazing time. Nathan, our Director of Operations, brought along our administrative assistant and four of our top campaign managers for the experience.

While in the Lone Star State, our contingent from COR Management had chances to network with the industry’s best of the best from around the globe. They connected with leaders who have redefined the dynamic marketing landscape as well as with talented up-and-comers who are ready to make their marks.

The amount of knowledge imparted in the conference, through both casual exchanges and formal education sessions, is unbelievable. Our people picked up new event techniques that are working in other regions. They jot down tips to improve campaign creation, lead teams, and progress our business.

Back in the COR Management office, we’re focused on implementing the different things we learned at the Dallas conference. It’s all part of our continual learning philosophy. Our core belief is that even when we succeed, there’s another opportunity to improve processes and be more productive. We seize every chance to expand our knowledge base like this event because we know it only inspires us to be the best.

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